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UPDATE: I do not accept Commissions at this time.

Welcome to my blog!

Recent updates: Doing Draft pages at the moment for S.S. Start inking soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I will refuse everyone from using my illustrations. Please understand.

Please refrain from the reproduction of the illustrations.

I do not accept requests for illustrations.

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Please Note: This is partly my personal blog and I may reblog other content or post things other than my actual artwork- to see my artwork go my art page up in the info tab. I may reblog BL related content but never anything explicit. Thank you for reading!!!



ive been seeing a ton of character creator stuff going around on tumblr and i wanted to make my own! so here you go, one with eye color, hair length, hair color, height, weight, clothing style, emotions, poses, and species

feel free to pick and choose if you dont like a catagory, an option you got, or if one doesnt make sense (aka if you get the pose “on one knee” and the species “mermaid”)

have fun guys, and if you draw a character using this, tag it with “marcharcreator”, id love to see it! reblogs are also really appreciated. enjoy!

hey guys, i made this yesterday, have fun using it and please reblog :D

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I feel so sicky right now…
Anyway imiht have over done it with drawing, swollen wrist and hand meaning bad sign of possible tendinitis is back again.

So i was doodlin around on colors3d for ipad… Honestly i dislike the ad version. Its too complicated to draw with. I like to have things in easy reach rather than click on man things to get my layers up… So back i go to ibis paint which is nowmy number one favoritedrawingapp on the ipad. I do use sketchbook pro aswell but ibis paint is amazing to draw with…

Thats all for now. Forgive spelling mistakes jumbled words… I cannot type on the ipad to

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